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about us.

The Branding Folk mission is simple in concept but massive in scale - empower businesses large and small to manage their brand both online and in their respective cities. The digital footprint for your brand is as important as it’s ever been and a shocking number of companies suffer from the same issues. Our goal is to give every one of our clients complete control over their digital footprint. We offer services in web design, marketing, app development, graphic design (logos, icons, and everything in between) SEO, content & copy, and even social media services (marketing, targeting, maintenance, setup, all things social media.) If we can't do what you’re in need of, we will hire someone to fix that! The Branding Folk is built to scale for your needs. ​

The Branding Folk is proud to represent clients from all over the globe! 

We partner with UpWork, you can see a good deal of our outreach there

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