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The experience of buying an automobile has been greatly shaped by modern technology. Customers have more choices than ever, more information available, the ability to quickly bounce feedback off other customers via social media, all impacting their decision-making process prior to any engagement with a dealer. Whether you have a used dealership or a new corporate dealership with one of the top floor plans in the country, everyone is subject to today’s technology. To be effective, you have to connect with your customers in an entirely new fashion. The Branding Folk is here to help! The team at The Branding Folk not only have in-house experience in the automotive industry, but we are well versed in everything your dealership

needs to survive in today's

technological landscape. 



The Branding Folk has an adept team of data and analytical driven B2B marketing platform. We will formalize a strategy specifically for your business, and work to drive higher returns on marketing investments and therefore further your marketing impact. The Branding Folk promises to bring the latest digital information to your business to transform your marketing experience across the entire spectrum.



In the age we live in today, customer expectations are rapidly changing. In order to stay on top of your competitors, brands need to be authentic, and always mindful that the customer is the one in control. To compete, each brand has to create a personal experience with their respective customers. The Branding Folk will work with you and your brand to deliver the ultimate customer experience via an analytical drive and omnichannel marketing strategy. 



The Branding Folk can help your financial service grow the client base you’ve been dreaming about. Our strategy is data-driven and focuses on integrating and leveraging your brand message into the right channels to organically grow your client base without spending unnecessary money on obsolete marketing platforms. No matter your institute, whether it be a bank or a small-town financial advisors office, your brand needs to formulate the right message and deliver it to the right people, The Branding Folk is here to help!



Healthcare providers need messages that engage their customers with relevant and meaningful information. Something that both resonates in a profound way and advises them along every step of their journey. The Branding Folk has the digital solutions your marketing and branding efforts need to reach the goals every healthcare provider strives for, to help as many people as they can. We are here to help you build a brand that stands out in the crowded field of healthcare. 



The Branding Folk knows that there are disruptive trends that are affecting the insurance industry. With our data-driven solutions, The Branding Folk can help to exploit these trends. By bringing together online and offline data, analytics, and executing real-time decisions, we can help to build and cultivate the best possible outreach. We are here to help during the paradigm shift of insurance companies becoming true service providers in the modern age of technology.


media & entertainment

Entertainment marketing has become increasingly complex in the digital age. From audiences that are fragmented more than any businesses, and competition that arrives via new platforms every week it seems, the media and entertainment industry has arguably the most unique marketing platform. While we have yet to partner with any media or entertainment industry, we have a couple of tricks up our sleeves that we would be excited to discuss with the right clientele. As anyone will tell you, we can provide the latest data and analytics, but we strive to create and deliver something much more personal with our brands than just numbers. With the commercial success of storylines such as Game of Thrones, The Avengers Series, Star Wars, among others, it is clear there is a formula to success that originates at the heart of the viewer, and we would be excited to work with you to capture the heart of all your potential audiences. 


REal estate

The real estate industry is constantly changing and the digital age is the largest culprit of that change. It is more important than ever for real estate companies small and large to expand their online presence, as potential customers are increasingly looking for their homes, rentals, and places of business online rather than hoping in the car and driving around town. The Branding Folk are proud to have partnered with some of the top real estate companies in Chattanooga, TN. early in our companies existence. With that, we feel incredibly capable in the industry and hope to expand our portfolio in the field. We can provide the latest data, analytics, marketing resources and branding packages to help you reach the people you were not reaching yesterday. 



Restaurant marketing is all about engagement and loyalty. Customers today have more information available, the ability to ask questions and to find the answers for those questions in reviews on social media and other resources online. With knowledge of your customer's habits, lifestyles, and nutritional expectations, we can provide you and your restaurant with the proven technology and marketing programs you need to successfully acquire, activate, retain and grow loyalty with your customer base. The Branding Folk will help you improve your customer experience beyond the table, and excel with a personalized branded storyline.



The Retail industry can make you feel like a needle in a haystack sometimes, and The Branding Folk is here to help! We can see your customers’ behaviors online and offline, identify their intent to purchase goods and develop a personalized line of communication with them that tells the true story of your brand. We have the latest technology, retail codified architecture and proven marketing plans to create one-of-a-kind experiences that drive purchases for every customer. With The Branding Folk, we make it possible for our retail clients to transcend their dreams and achieve a measurable ROI for every marketing dollar they spend.



Service organizations have a unique marketing challenge in that for most (not all, but most) have to efficiently maintain customer relationships over long periods of lag time. It can be years between visits, repairs, requests, etc. The Branding Folk is here to help you maintain these relationships and cultivate new ones as you grow and tell the story of your brand. We strive to quickly drive immediate improvements to your marketing ROI so you’re not wasting the money you need to grow your business efficiently and properly. 



Marketing can often be viewed as a secondary product to sales within technology companies. The Branding Folk works with your company to create a true branding message and clientele base so we can effectively identify strategic opportunities to maximize your marketing impact. The Branding Folk can deliver impact across all marketing platforms that drive your success. We can achieve this through digital technology and automation refresh, multichannel strategies and engagement, updated data strategies and enhancements, next-generation customer experience development or a complete digital transformation of your brand.


travel & hospitality

Travel and hospitality are being reinvented by new technologies. The true brand experience is something that sets companies apart. The Branding Folk knows your guests’ habits, lifestyles, and needs in every stage of their relationship with you. Via unique assets in technology, data, insights, and creative media, we bring a complete view of the consumer to you. We aren’t going to just build marketing and branding strategies for you, we are going to set you up to effectively bring your vision to life.

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